Long-Term Energy Needs in the Pittsfield School District

The Pittsfield School Board organized several open meetings this fall to seek community input regarding the long-term energy needs of the district.  Meetings were held on the evenings of October 7, October 21, and November 18, in the PMHS media center (and were advertised on the school district website).

During the meetings, residents and school officials reviewed an energy audit conducted on the district’s facilities in 2011 (now somewhat outdated due to improvements made since the audit), discussed energy options in the current and future environments, and considered steps to support an efficient and sustainable approach to energy needs in the schools.

To gain additional information and support eventual decision-making, several steps are in the process of being completed; these include:

Several vendors will be providing the district with cost estimates for the replacement of the current PES boilers (in their 27th year of service) with similar oil-fired boilers;
An application is being submitted to the New Hampshire Wood Energy Council to conduct a no-cost feasibility study of using wood products as an energy sources for schools;
A complete energy audit will be completed, providing an assessment of current and future needs, potential cost-saving measures, and proposed strategies for efficiency and sustainability.

As the district’s energy project is, in effect, being re-started and time will be needed for a thorough study and consideration of options, it not anticipated that a proposal will be brought forward for consideration at the March 2016 annual school district meeting.

The next open meeting will be scheduled once the feasibility study and energy audit are completed and received by the district.  The scheduling of this meeting will be announced on the district website and in the Suncook Valley Sun when established.

Individuals who participated in this fall’s meetings will be also notified by email when the next meeting is scheduled.  Pittsfield residents who would like to be personally informed of the next meeting are requested to email your request to:

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Community Wellness Coalition

The Pittsfield Wellness Coalition held its first meeting on November 12, with twenty-three community members and school district educators in attendance.  The coalition met as a follow-up to the Chris Herren school and community presentations in September on the topic of addiction.

During the meeting, guest Annika Stanley-Smith, substance misuse prevention coordinator with the Capital Area Public Health Network, shared data from the most recent Youth Risk Behavior Survey anonymously completed by PMHS grades 9-12 students in spring 2013.

As a result of the data review, our Pittsfield Coalition identified nine “major concerns” centering on a range of risk taking behaviors of Pittsfield’s young people.  The Coalition then identified the top three priorities for its attention and action in promoting youth wellness in Pittsfield:  (1) heroin, methamphetamine, and opiate misuse; (2) alcohol misuse, and (3) mental health.

The Coalition plans to focus first on its top priority and will be reviewing a range of proven strategies for supporting youth wellness.  Ms. Stanley-Smith will continue to support of the work of the Coalition in this important work.

The Wellness Coalition will next meet from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. on Monday, November 30, in the PMHS media center.  The meeting agenda will include completion of the Coalition’s charter and consideration of evidence-based strategies to prevent addiction.  All Pittsfield residents are invited to participate.

Please Join Us for a Discussion on Community Awareness

Friend of Pittsfield’s Students,

Certainly, you share my concerns about the range of risks that threaten he wellness of the children and youth of our community; like me, you’ve read about the obesity, alcohol and drug misuse, and teen driving habits, for example; and while we’d prefer that these threats not impact our community, the fact is that they and other national trends do not exclude Pittsfield.

Last spring, the school district received a gift from anonymous donor through the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation; the bulk of this donation helped us bring Chris Herren to Pittsfield to talk with students and community members about his struggles with substance abuse; this event was intended to raise awareness of this critical issue and to launch a community-wide effort to impact the negative factors confronted by today’s young people.

You are invited to an awareness meeting of a new community group to consider the risks, based on student responses to the latest available information from the youth risk behavior survey, and to consider Pittsfield’s priorities.  This meeting will take place from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 12, in the PMHS library; I hope that you will consider joining us for this important event. (more…)

Parent Toolbox for NH Teen Drivers

Did you know motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death and injury in New Hampshire teens 15 – 19 years of age?

The Parent Toolbox is designed to assist parents, to provide them with valuable information, guidelines, recommendations, resources and statistics.  Also, to teach parents that they are the best took their teen driver can have.

Please visit to take advantage of this Parent Toolbox.

For more information please contact:

Steve Gratton
NH Teen Driver Project Coordinator