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Free Workshop – Connected with Your Teens

We have a Great Opportunity for Families of Teens!

Connected With Your Teens

A FREE 5 -session workshop to help keep the bonds with your child during the teen years.

WHY? Adolescence is a time of transition, of growing independence, and of more time spend outside the home.  Yet we know that parents have the greatest role and influence in an adolescent’s life and the choices they make. How do we stay connected while letting our child grow? How do we continue to build the skills that our children need to become successful adults? These bonds help keep our kids on a healthy track and help them continue to make good choice during often difficult situations.

What? Join us for this 5-session series to increase our communication skills with teens, develop family management strategies, learn tools to decrease conflict, and increase bonds with our teens.

Who? Anyone responsible for raising a teen!  Parents, guardians, grandparents, aunts/uncles, and more!

When/Where? Tuesdays from 3 – 5pm at Pittsfield Elementary School

November 7, 14, 21

December 5, 12

How?   To register or for more information Contact Danielle Harvey at

or 603-435-6701 or Julie Yerkes at or 603-545-1046

School District Collective Bargaining Agreement

A special ballot vote will be held to consider a successor contract between the Pittsfield School Board and the Education Association of Pittsfield (EAP). This vote will take place between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 19, at Town Hall.

(New voters are encouraged to register to vote to have your voice heard on this critical issue; absentee ballots are available.)

The EAP represents the school district’s teachers and other categories of educators such as guidance counselors and librarians. The recently-expired collective bargaining agreement is available for review on the district’s website and through the SAU office by request.

The EAP does not represent other categories of employees, such as administrators, paraprofessionals, office staff, or custodians. The agreement between the Board and the EAP is the only collective bargaining agreement within the district.

The recently-expired agreement was in effect between 2014 and 2017. For each year of this contract, the employee’s share of health insurance was increased by 1% per year, and the employee’s share of the dental insurance was increased by 5% per year.  Modest salary increases were also included.

The Board and EAP had reached agreement on a replacement three-year contract that was put before the voters in March. Unfortunately, the voters rejected the agreement by a 95-81 vote.  This action brought the two sides to the negotiation table again this spring, and another agreement was reached.

The new agreement, which has a one-year term, makes no changes in the salary schedule or the benefits offered. However, returning teachers will advance a “step” on the salary schedule based on the additional year of teaching.

These step increases vary within the salary schedule.  For example, a teacher holding a BA or MA degree would gain slightly less than 2.5% for an increase from last year to this year, and such a teacher with 16 years of experience would gain approximately 3.25% for an increase.

Without a new agreement, the previous agreement will remain in effect. However, because employees will bear increase costs for health insurance and retirement system contributions, take home pay will actually be lowered when compared with last year unless the teachers move ahead on the salary schedule based on experience.  With a YES vote, teachers and others represented by the EAP will receive modest increases.

We remain very disappointed that the previous agreement was turned down in March, but we now urge you to support our fine teachers with your YES vote on September 19.

Submitted by the Pittsfield School Board

Mike Wolfe, chair; Bea Douglas, vice-chair; Linda Freese, Ted Mitchell, Ralph Odell


Current Job Opportunities

Substitute Teachers

The Pittsfield School District is accepting applications for substitute teachers at all grade levels.  Applications can be found online by clicking here.


School District Election Results

2017 School District Election Results

2017 – 2018 Proposed Budget

17 18 Budget Overview

17 18 Proposed Budget

2016 Wood Energy Feasibility Report

2016 Wood Energy Feasibility Report

2016 Energy Audit Report

2016 Energy Audit Report


School District Energy Options

Last fall, a group of interested Pittsfield citizens – including both members of the public and school officials – convened to review the district’s energy needs and consider options for future energy sources.

The group recommended to the School Board that an energy audit be conducted to provide the community with current information and efficiency recommendations.  Additionally, the group recommended that a wood energy feasibility study be completed to provide specific information to supplement the energy audit.  (Cost for the audit was shared by the district and Eversource; the feasibility study was completed at no cost to the district.)

Both reports were received by the district in early summer and are now available for review on the district website (  Additionally, two community meetings have been scheduled to review the contents of the reports:

·         Energy Audit Report Meeting:  6:00 p.m., Wednesday, September 21, Pittsfield Middle High School Media Center

·         Wood Energy Feasibility Report Meeting:  6:00 p.m., Wednesday, October 19, Pittsfield Middle High School Media Center

Interested Pittsfield citizens are cordially invited to these meetings to learn more about energy and the schools and to have your energy questions answered.


When Students Lead Parent-Teacher Conferences

Click here to read a new article by writer, Emily Richmond who is a public editor for the National Education Writers Association.

You can see previous article written by Emily Richmond about the Pittsfield School District by clicking

Election Results

2016 School District Election Results

2016 Town Election Results