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School District Newsletter

The January District Newsletter is linked here. This month’s newsletter highlights the PMHS Winter Showcase, the Vaping Unveiled Presentation, and the PES Gratitude Campaign! Also, we have winter concerts coming up on January 15 (grades 1-4), January 22 (grades 5-6), and January 23 (grades 7-12). All concerts start at 6:30 p.m. in the PMHS gymnasium.


Winter Showcase

On Wednesday, January 16, PMHS students will be working with their Learning Studio groups to celebrate and present individual and/or group work from fall Learning Studios. The schedule for January 16 is available here. Students will present in one of three presentation blocks to small groups, similar to the way we showcase work at our spring Exhibition Day. Students will have an opportunity to see what their peers have been working on throughout the past semester and to provide feedback. Additionally, students will have two content block offerings on January 16 to finalize course work and prepare for the second semester, which starts on January 28.


Education Funding in New Hampshire

Thanks to the many Pittsfield taxpayers who joined the recent meeting on Education Funding in New Hampshire. We were joined by many concerned taxpayers from across our state as we learned about the inequities in the state’s funding scheme and the failure of the legislature to address the issue in an equitable manner as required by the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

The presenters for our meeting – former Claremont case attorneys Andru Volinsky and John Tobin – draw two conclusions regarding next steps to correct the unjust system: a lawsuit that again challenges the state’s failure to meet its duty to our students and taxpayers and a focus on the issue of school funding in this fall’s elections for governor and the state legislature.