School Safety Forum – Rescheduled to Wed., March 21st

School safety is on all our minds lately in the wake of recent school shooting tragedies and reported threats to several of our area schools. I am writing to you at this time to invite you to participate in a School Safety Forum to be held from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. next Wednesday, March 21, in the PMHS media center.

The purposes of this forum are threefold:

  • To hear your questions and concerns about school safety in Pittsfield;
  • To share with you the emergency plans that are in place in our schools and new initiatives to increase student and staff safety; and
  • To hear your suggestions for increasing school safety.

Whether or not you are able to join the conversation next Wednesday, please be assured that we consider student and staff safety to be our highest priority and strive to ensure the greatest level of safety possible.