Section G – Personnel

Section G – Table of Contents GADA – Employment References and Verification GBA – Equal Opportunity Employment GBCD – Background Investigation and Criminal Records Check GBD – Board Employee Communications GBE – Staff Rights and Responsibilities GBEA – Staff Ethics Read more

Section J – Students

Section J – Table of Contents JBAB – Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students Realtime Google Doc for School Board Policy review can be viewed by clicking here JCA – Change of School or Assignment JEA – Compulsory Attendance Age JEB Read more

Section I – Instruction

Section I – Table of Contents IC – School Year ICA – School Calendar IF – Instructional Program IFA – Instructional Needs of Each Individual Student IGA – Curriculum Development IGD – Curriculum Adoption IGDJ – Eligibility Requirements IGE -Parental Read more

Section D – Fiscal Management

Section D – Table of Contents DAF – Administration of Federal Grant Funds DB – Annual Budget DBI – Budget Implementation DBJ – Over-Expending Funds DD Funding Proposals and Applications DFA – Investment DGA – Authorized Signatures DGD – School Read more

Section A – Foundations and Basic Commitments

Section A – Table of Contents AC – Non-Discrimination ACAC – Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy and Grievance Process AC-E – Contact Information. ACE – Procedural Safeguards ADB – Drug-Free Workplace ADC – Tobacco Products Use and Possession

Section B – School Board Governance and Operations

Section B – Table of Contents BBAA – School Board Member Authority BBBF – Student Members of the Board BCF – Advisory Committees to the Board BDD – Board-Superintendent Relationship BDD-R – Board-Superintendent Relationship BEDB – Agenda Preparation and Dissemination Read more

Section C – General School Administration

Section C – Table of Contents CA – Administration Goals CBI – Evaluation of the Superintendent CCB – Line and Staff Relations CE – PMHS Site Council CFB – Building Administrators’ Evaluation CHCA – Approval of Handbooks and Directives CHD Read more