2021-2022 School District Budget

My father taught me to vote with my feet.

I was lucky. I grew up in a simple loving family. My Dad used to say son, you vote with your feet. What he meant was, you participate in your community by voting. I encourage everyone to vote. How you decide to vote is up to you. Your participation is critical. 

The school district faces over a million dollars in cuts. This is a significant amount of money to an already lean budget and modest program. The cuts will impact people and programs. We will lose people and programs. Teachers, staff, and programs will be cut. The loss will be substantial and significant. These cuts will impact students and their education. 

I understand that citizens are challenged financially, especially in these difficult times. I also understand that monies were used last year ($827,000) to reduce taxes. It worked to lower the tax rate last year but it created a false bottom. We did not receive this one time funding this year and it ballooned the school portion of the tax rate. 

As the new Interim Superintendent, I am very proud of the school district and community. I have met good, contributing citizens. I admire Panther Pride. I am concerned however about the short and long term impact of the budget cuts. They will be impactful. I am hopeful that many citizens will come out to vote. A no vote will keep the budget the same as last year. 

I look forward to seeing you at the polls on Tuesday, March 9th. 

Dr. John Graziano 

Interim Superintendent of Schools

Pittsfield School District