Free and Reduced Meals Program

This letter is going out to all families in our school community. For the past two years, the federal government has funded all school lunches for children throughout the country due to the pandemic.  As of the end of school in June, the federal government will no longer continue to fund the lunch program fully.


This means that if you as a family want to participate in the Free and Reduced lunch program, you will need to fill out the paper work to qualify for this program.  You can find the paper work on our website at  You can fill it out electronically from the website and we can accept an electronic signature which you can do when you fill out the paper work.  If you fill out the paper work on line, you can save it and email it to Sara Zinn at the SAU office at  The application will also be mailed to you as well and you can return it to the main office of your child’s school.  The information you give us is confidential and will not be shared as part of the federal law.


In order for your child to be able to participate in the Free and Reduced lunch program, we need to have the paper work back before school If you can get it to us by August 15, we can guarantee that the information can be put into our food service data bank on the first day of school.


This paper work is also important for other reasons.  The District receive grant funds from the federal government that go to help paying for programs that help students.  The District depends on this grant money to fund almost $300,000 in programs that help kids and keep taxes down for each citizen.  If we families don’t apply who are eligible, these funds to do not come to the school district.


I cannot stress to you how important it is for you to fill out this paper work if you qualify for this program.  If you have any questions, you can call me at at 603-435-5526 or email me at


Bryan K. Lane