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Grade Level Teams


Miss Meg Foehl


Mrs. BallMrs. Mederios, Ms. Smith (special education), Miss Krystal, Miss Kenzie


Team Sunflowers (½)

Mrs. Biron, Mrs. Rowley, Mr. Ryan (special education), Mrs. Servance (remote and interventions), Mrs Filiault (UNH TRRE Intern)


Team Habitat (½)

Mrs. Brown, Ms. Soucy, Mrs. Littlefield (special education), Mrs. Coombs (remote and interventions), Mr. Marineau (UNH TRRE Intern)


¾ Scholars Team 1

Mrs. John- Zensky (Ms.D), Mrs. White, Mrs. Northop (special education) Ms. Fontaine (remote and interventions), Ms Galley (UNH TRRE Intern)


¾ Scholar Team 2

Mrs. Elliott, Ms. Critchett, Ms. Stewart (special education), Mrs. McNeil  (remote and interventions)


Fifth Grade

Miss McMenimen, Miss Bickford, Mrs. Ramsey (special education)


Note- Mrs. Mahanes will be remote this year and holding live morning meetings for our remote Kindergarteners and fifth graders.  


Unified Arts

Mrs. Mahanes: Learning Commons

Miss Stevens; Art

Miss Calautti; Music

Mr. Balser; PE