District News

School Status Update 10.30.20

Dear Pittsfield Families, 

I am writing to provide you an update on the Pittsfield School District operations. This morning, October 30th, we completed the contact tracing for a student who has tested positive and the contact trace was sent to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). They have estimated that they will contact people who meet their criteria of close contact on Sunday. 

Due to the need for staff members who are considered close contact to quarantine, PES will operate remotely through November 10th. PMHS will resume its hybrid schedule starting November 2. Due to November 11 being an off day in observance of Veterans Day, in-person classes at PES will resume on November 12 for A day students. PMHS students may come in for their hybrid learning days, or they may work remotely during the PES remote period if they need to support with childcare at home. If they choose to work remotely we ask that you contact the PMHS main office. CRTC students will report to CRTC as scheduled. 

During this period of PES remote learning, if you would like to switch to remote meals (pickups on Tuesday and Friday) please email mhill@pittsfieldnhschools.org. We are working to reschedule the Student Flu Clinic for after November 12th. 

In the meantime, I would like to remind you that the best practices right now are to continue social distancing, wearing a mask and proper handwashing procedures. 

Dr. John Graziano

Interim Superintendent of Schools

Pittsfield School District


Student Assistance Program

The mission of Student Assistance Program Services is to provide support to staff, students, and their families in participating districts and agencies in an effort to maximize overall wellness and each individual’s learning potential. It is our belief that learning improves when we help people develop skills, attitudes, and values necessary to manage life tasks, form relationships, and adapt to the demands of today’s society.

SAP services include universal, selective, and indicated prevention interventions. These include and are not limited to education and support, identification, assessment, early intervention, crisis intervention, and referral services for students and their families. The program is available to all students, but particularly targets those who are beginning to exhibit behavioral and academic problems, have experienced substance misuse within the family, or who show signs of stress that could result in substance abuse or other self-destructive behaviors.

SAP counselors receive individual and group supervision from a credentialed prevention professional, as well as staff development to stay current with emerging social trends, share information and resources, and discuss various other relevant issues related to students.

If you would like to speak with your schools Student Assistance Counselor, you may reach out to Liz Pellegrini by email at epellegrini@pittsfieldnhschools.org or by phone at 435-6701, ex. 4225.


Screening Protocols

The Pittsfield School Board has approved a change to our daily screening protocols. The cooler morning temperatures have led to concerns about the validity of early morning temperature checks. Therefore, starting October 19, we will continue with morning screening questions, and shift to mid-day temperature screenings, which will be before recess (PES) and at lunch time (PMHS). Families are encouraged to continue screening their children and keeping them home if they are not feeling well.

As we continue to move through allergy season and approach cold and flu season, several families have reached out for clarity on the isolation and/or quarantine protocols. For clarity, students or staff members with symptoms (cough, congestion or runny nose, fever, etc.) may need self-isolate at home for 10 days or be tested for COVID-19. After 10 days or upon receiving a negative test, you must also have 24 hours with no fever (without the use of medications) and improved symptoms to return to school.

Students and staff members may be subject to a 14-day quarantine period if they were exposed to someone confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19, or if they traveled outside of New England. If you have to self-quarantine, you are encouraged to be tested for COVID-19. However, a negative test does not allow you to be removed from quarantine. Someone who has been exposed to COVID-19 can develop illness and test positive anytime during the 14-day quarantine period. Our school nurses are available to address any questions you may have or to offer additional clarification on school and state guidelines.