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What is the online learning program at Pittsfield Middle High School?

Pittsfield Middle High School’s Online Learning Program enhances student education by providing them with the opportunity to enroll in online courses scheduled during the normal school day. Recognizing the educational importance of the valuable skills learned through online course experiences, Pittsfield Middle High School affords students the option to enroll in an online course and is equipped with the technology to support online learning.

Pittsfield Middle High School students can enroll in the following online schools and programs:

For more information regarding the online learning programs at Pittsfield Middle High School, please contact

Online educational offerings are available for all students who want to:

  • Earn college credit (eStart), students can earn college credit at reduced cost to families

  • Enrich knowledge and skills

  • Acquire new knowledge

  • Meet high school graduation requirements

  • Prepare for post secondary education

  • Recover high school credits

Why Online Learning?

  • Achieve successful academic results

  • Advances learning (AP, Pre-AP,CP, Honors, NCAA, gifted & talented)

  • College preparatory classes

  • College courses

  • Enhance career pathways

  • Expand course offerings

  • Expand student learning with minimal cost

  • Experience and learn new technologies and software applications

  • Alternatives when course scheduling conflicts arise

  • Help students graduate on time

  • Improve chances for college scholarships