Teen Mentor Program

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going strong for 18 years!


This exceptional program is a community partnership between the Pittsfield School District and the Pittsfield Youth Workshop. It pairs students in grades 5-8 (mentee) with students in grades 10-12 (mentor). The goal of the program is to strengthen resiliency in youth whose life circumstances place them at risk for negative life outcomes. This is achieved by promoting healthy peer relationships, positive community involvement, and building strong mentor relationships. 

The mentors meet with their mentees individually at least once a week from November to June. The pairs also participate in whole-group monthly outings from October to June.  These outings include rock climbing, pizza parties, hiking, bowling, kayaking, community service projects, and much more! The relationship shared between the mentor and their mentee is truly one of a kind. Oftentimes, these bonds will continue well past high school! 

For more information about the Pittsfield Teen Mentor Program click here or contact the PMHS school counselor, Jeff Martel.   

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