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Health Services

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Health Office Forms:

The New Hampshire State Department of Education policy concerning the administration of medications in school requires that the following steps be completed BEFORE medication can be given during school hours:

  1. A written order from a licensed provider that includes the student’s name, date, diagnosis, the name of the medication, the dosage, the route, the time the medication is to be administered and the length of time the student will be taking the medication.
  2. “Authorization for Prescribed Medication during the School Day” must be signed by parent or guardian.
  3. The medication needs to be brought in by the parent or guardian in the original prescription container. No more than one month supply at a time. Unused medication must be picked up within ten days or it will be disposed of by the school nurse and recorded as such.



Immunization Information

The Tdap vaccine is required for entry into the 7th grade. The school health office will need an updated vaccine record, prior to the start of school, which reflects Tdap has been received.

[NOTE: PCP offices do not send vaccine records to the school unless a parent asks them to do so.]

If there is a medical, or religious exemption, the completed exemption form is also due prior to starting school. If your child has a scheduled physical, but it will not occur until after the start of school, we can accept that date as conditional enrollment for your child. Please email me the date of the appointment.