Advisory Binder 

Tab 1 Overview, Purpose, Rubrics:

Advisory Rubrics:

Revised Competencies Grade 7.2

Revised Competencies Grade 8.2

Revised Competencies Grade 9.2

Revised Competencies Grade 10.2

Revised Competencies Grade 11.2

Revised Competencies Grade 12.2

Community Service:

Community Service Competencies

Community Service Opportunities

Community-Service-Form Overview

PMHS Community Service Log


Advisory Support Network


Roles Advisor.Advisee

Tab 2 Planning Resources:

Lesson Templates

Sample Advisory Schedule

Weekly Checks

Tab 3 – Ist Quarter Objectives & Resources:

1.  Community Building

Developing Teamwork & Building Community

Fun Games

High Risk Team Strengtheners

Low Risk Name Games

Medium Risk Group Dynamics


2.  Transition Assistance

PMHS Course Completion Guide

PMHS Credit Gap Analysis

PMHS Graduation Requirements

PMHS Individualized Student Progress Tracker

3.  Executive Functioning Stress Management

Response Inhibition

Values Assessment

4.  Executive Functioning Organization


5.  Executive Functioning Planning & Time Management


6.  Executive Functioning Skills Questionnaire


7.  PLP Learning Styles & Mult. Intelligence

Advisor Resources

Student resources

8. PLP Mapping

PLP Mapping Process (Advisor)

PLP Mapping Process (Student)

9.  Optional Executive Functioning Mult. Intelligences

Teacher Resource with lessons

11.  Optional College & Career Projects

College Exploration Scavenger Hunt Bingo

College Identifier

Grade 10 Career Research Project rubric

Grade 10 Career Research Project

Career Cluster Research Project

Career Fair Project

Career Interview Project

12.  College & Career Resources

a) Preparing for a College Fair

Navigating a College Fair

Recommended Websites (1)

b) Preparing for a College Interview

Recommended Websites

c) Other

Career Cruising

College Board

PLP Advisor Packet

PLP Student Packet

Discovering Your Work Skills

College Research Exercise

Discovering the Workplace

Finding the Right College

The Interview Guys YouTube Video Library

Using My Work Skills

Work Search Activities

13.  Professional Portfolio

Letters of Recommendation

College Recommendation Letter from an Employer 2

employer recommendation

Requesting a Letter of Rec


PLP Student Packet

Pocket Resume

Resume Template

Sample Application

14.  Executive Functioning Goal Setting

Lessons & Materials

15. PLP Smart Goals

Goal Setting materials

16.  SLC

Goal Reflection Sheet

Sample parent letter

Sample SLC Agenda

Sample Task List

SLC Overview

Work Sample Reflection

Tab 4 – 2nd Quarter Objectives & Resources:

Q2 Objectives


1st Q Objectives

Web Search Topics

Getting to Know ME Resources

Learner Sketch

Myers and Briggs Personality Pathways

Alternative Learning Style Inventory

Other Getting to Know Me Resources:

Executive Functioning Teacher Resource

E.F. Resource Manual Intro & questionnaire

Goal Setting

Organization Planning and Time Management

Response Inhibition

Working Memory and Metacognition

Appendix (1)


Classroom Structure

Classroom Structures and Learning Environment

Decision Making and Problem Solving

Decision Making Goal Setting (1)

Goal Setting Learning Strengths (1)

Learning Strengths Materials Management (1)

Materials Management

Overview (1) Overview Study Strategies (1)

Study Strategies

Time Management and Planning

Time Management