Data Team

The Pittsfield School District has created a multi-level prevention system to ensure that all students have an opportunity to become proficient in reading, writing, and mathematics, as well as in the areas of social and emotional development.  The multi-level prevention system includes three levels of intensity or prevention. The primary prevention level includes high quality core instruction. The secondary level includes evidence-based intervention(s) of moderate intensity. The tertiary prevention level includes individualized intervention(s) of increased intensity for students who show minimal response to secondary prevention.  The use of a multi-level system is also called Response to Intervention or RtI.

Data-based decision making is very important in the framework that has been created.  The Data Team (there is one at Pittsfield Elementary School and one at Pittsfield Middle High School) has been created to oversee the analysis of data so that it can be optimally utilized by teams.  The Data Team will assist teams in data analysis and decision making.

The Data Team has created a timeline for reviewing data sources.  Each month of the school year, identified data sources will be organized, analyzed for trends and patterns, and sent to other teams within the school for further analysis and action planning.  Further, the Data Team has created a decision-making matrix, identifying the sources of data, why these data will be important to review, when these data will be reviewed, the decision rule for each of the data sources, and which team(s) the data will be sent to for further analysis and action planning.

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Data Sources FAQ: