School Funding & Property Taxes 101 Coming to SAU 13

SAU 13 will host a presentation by Attorney John Tobin of the NH School Funding Fairness Project on the topic of School Funding & Property Taxes in New Hampshire on December 10th at 6:30 P.M. at the K.A. Brett School in Tamworth.  (Snow date 12/12/19.)

Attorney Tobin and his colleagues have given this presentation in more than 60 locations across New Hampshire since the summer of 2018. Their goal is to educate NH citizens about the current school funding system and the inequities it imposes on students, property taxpayers, and the economies of many local communities.

Property Taxes are too high.  Within SAU 13, local districts pay vastly different amounts of property tax to support their local schools. Tamworth, for example, typically has the highest tax rate in Carroll County.  The State of New Hampshire has been found to have acted unconstitutionally by not funding an adequate education for the students of New Hampshire.  Instead, this responsibility has been foisted onto the backs of the local property taxpayers.  Attend this presentation to learn how this happens, and what our legislators and citizens need to do to resolve this Property Tax problem, once and for all.

Under New Hampshire’s Constitution, the State is responsible for ensuring that every K-12 child in our state has the opportunity for an adequate education and the tax rates for funding this public education must be equal.  After more than a decade of inaction by the Legislature and ever-increasing burdens on local property taxpayers, the recently enacted NH State Budget includes modest improvements in state funding for education, but it did not alter the system’s fundamental reliance on local property taxes.  Local residents are invited to learn about the structure of school funding and its disparate impact in different local school districts.

For more information, contact: Jack Waldron, SAU 13 School Board chair, or Meredith Nadeau,  Superintendent of Schools at 603-323-5088