In support of our vision and mission, we value:
1. A Student Centered Environment
· Students believe and demonstrate that they have voice and choices in their education;
· Students are treated respectfully as unique individuals by all members of the school community;
· Students are provided with an environment that is safe and promotes their ability to learn and grow, both as individuals and as members of a larger society;
· All decisions are based on what is in the best interests of our students.
2. Student Ownership for Learning
· Students take responsibility for and ownership of their own learning;
· Students are assisted to become self-directed and accountable for their own learning and personal development;
· Students are provided with the opportunity to exercise their voice in all aspects of decision-making regarding their learning and their school.
3. Personalized Learning
· Academic, cultural, and socio-economic diversity is respected;
· Learning styles of students guide instruction;
· Students are provided with the opportunity to choose and structure the learning path that best suits them;
· Students design performance assessments based on competencies;
· Personalization is supported through a range of practices, including student-led conferences, personalized learning plans, extended learning opportunities, student advisories, and inquiry learning.
4. Rigor
· Students are supported in reaching their full potential through high expectations;
· Students and teachers collaborate to develop rigorous projects and assessment rubrics;
· Students and teachers are encouraged and inspired to reach their full potential through a school culture of high rigor.
5. Teachers as Facilitators
· Teachers serve students more as coaches of learning rather than distributors of direct instruction;
· Teachers employ anytime, anywhere learning opportunities to the greatest extent possible;
· Teachers utilize team and inquiry learning practices.
6. High Achievement
· High standards are established and maintained;
· Students are provided with multiple learning opportunities to attain high levels of achievement;
· Learning activities promote deep understanding rather than superficial knowing;
· Learning activities focus on facilitation of learning and the personal development of students to become successful 21st Century learners.
7. Post-Secondary Readiness
· By senior year, students demonstrate mastery of the district’s core curriculum;
· Students have access to resources, support, and services to help them prepare to meet post-secondary goals;
· Graduating seniors develop realistic and ambitious plans for college and/or careers;
· Students report that that they are confident in their skills and abilities for post-secondary pursuits.
8. Community Engagement
· Our community is well informed about the work of the school district;
· Community members know that their voices are heard and that their opinions are valued;
· Our community understands the connection between strong schools and a strong community.
9. Personal Accountability
· Members of the school community practice active communication to improve accountability;
· Members of the school community accept responsibility for their own actions; we acknowledge both shortcomings and successes.